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JGardner Law, P.C. brings extensive trial litigation experience to our clients. Our experience includes a highly technical motions practice, thorough investigation by only the brightest and hardest working investigators, compassion and one on one attention with our clients, and a strong desire to provide our clients with the highest quality criminal defense work possible.

Our philosophy is to prepare every case as if it were proceeding to trial.  We recognize that not every case will go to trial and we strive to ensure our clients recieve the best possible plea deals available.  We believe in aggressive litigation which in turn, earns the respect of District Attorneys in every jurisdiction in the State of Colorado.

Our clients are NEVER considered to be a number or a stat.  We pride ourselves on giving our clients one on one attention and ensuring that our clients have a full understanding of the judicial process.

We recognize that choosing the right attorney is a difficult process.  We encourage you to contact us so that we can help you with no obligation.  The criminal process is first and foremost about the accused and never the attorney.

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